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Andrew C. MacDonald

Hi, I'm Andrew C. MacDonald. Welcome to my profile!

Andrew C. MacDonald's Bio:

Currently I live in downtown Toronto and after working for a year in commercial real estate and 4 years as a financial analyst in the banking industry, I've decided to focus my time and energy on doing what I love; helping others create wealth through real estate. My top strengths are that I am analytical, future-focused and a strategic thinker. I have found real estate investment to be a very suitable outlet for these talents, and work to apply my abilities to create the most value I can in the world. Aside from my work, I completed my first marathon in 2008 and currently stay in shape while having fun by playing squash, tennis and beach volleyball. Having opened my mind to the endless possibilities that are all around me, I have a very strong outlook for the future and plenty of ambitions to match. My goals and vision for the future keep me focused on what is important to me while living a balanced life. One of my most important goals in both the short-term and long-term is to create wealth for myself and others through smart real estate investments. My vision, put simply, is to live life powerfully and live a life I love. For more info see my website at

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